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Ooh! This is the fun part! An on-going list about why I hate Sarah Jacobs.
Feel free to make your own list and e-mail it to me at
I'll post the ones i like best and credit you.
Note: If you are going to email me complaining about this page and defending Ele Keats, don't even bother reading on. I'm sorry but I really don't want to deal.


1. She talks like a man.
2. She's so weak! If someone hurt my brother they would have hell to pay. They would also be in for a world of pain, not just a weak punch and a lame insult.
3. Who dresses up like Little Bo Peep to go to a Rally?
4. She acts like she's never seen a hot dog before. "Les... whats this?" what do you think it is you ditz!
5. She makes DOILYS! DOILYS!
6. She's so nosy! "what makes a headline good?" be a little more inquisitive why dontcha?
7. Jack pours his heart out to her on the roof, and she LAUGHS. SHE LAUGHS!! At LEAST answer him!
8. Yeah, of course the first thing we all do in the morning is look out onto our fire escape to see if a hot guy ight be sleeping there.
9. She's RUDE. "Go up onto the roof" how bout a "please" Bo Peep?
10. We all know she loves to punch walls!
11. When the guy who she supposedly "loves" leaves for Santa Fe.... she doesn't even CRY! I mean come on. Show a little sympathy.
12. She can't keep her mouth shut. "You live here?" No, he just brought you down here cause he thought it would be fun. Of course he lives there!
13. She gets to kiss Jack, who is property of my best friend.
14. She's pushy. Ok hun, alot of people are excited that Jack is back, wait your turn!
15. When somebody stops singing and yells "everybody!" That means EVERYBODY sing! Just because you have a bonnet on doesn't mean you're any exception.
16. She is possibly the worst flirt-er in the history of the world. When a guy is trying to print a paper to get his voice heard and end a strike, you don't put your head on his shoulder! Wait a little whil until he's not busy!
17. Who wakes up with perfect hair and makeup?
18. She makes Davey angry. I mean come on. If your brother is upset about Denton and the rally... don't read him an article about Denton and the rally! Chances are he'll storm out of a window and slam it in your face. 
19. **THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN BY DICE** She complains about being the only girl and about the boys makin crude remarks, then turns around and says she loves the attention, the contradictive twit!
20. She's a little skank! He's your brother, sarah. You're BROTHER.
21. ** THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN BY HANNAH ** She has the plate with cake and the fork but when she hands it to jack she only gives him the plate , then later the fork, how stupid can you get?
22. ** THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN BY ALLIE ** Not only is she weak, she is lame...seriously, what kind of insult is "You stupid ape?" At least call him something that stings, not a dumb monkey...
23. **THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN BY TSITSI** Who keeps a drawer full of doilies,  i mean at least sell them or something.  Your brothers are out trying to get money and you are  making dumb doilies and stuffing them in a drawer, at least do something productive with them.
24. **THIS IS WAS WRITTEN BY SPTLUVER** What is this "i should get ready for work."  What is she working for. how to make doilies.  That is all she does if she has drawers full of 'em.  OOO yea i work at a doily factory!!! Who makes frikin drawers of doilies.  I guess that's the only thing she can do...i mean she sucks at flirting and she laughs at boys who confess their feelings for her.  What a Stupid Ape!!!!

Yeah, there's more that i'll update later. Send yours if you like.