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1. Everyone you meet instantly knows about your obsession
2. You can relate everything back to newsies
3. Your dream is to one day go to Santa Fe in hopes of seeing Jack Kelly
4. You instantly get obsessed with the things the Newsies have been in recently
5. You and your friends go by your newsie names
6. Your room is decorated with Newsies
7. If and when you've ever been to NYC you sing Carrying the Banner while walking through the streets disregarding the strange looks you may recieve
8. You watch the movie when your sad, or angry because you know it will cheer you up.
9. It doesn't matter how old you are, you still find yourself turning on the disney channel hoping to catch a glimpse of Arvie Lowe in Lizzie McGuire
10. You have 2 copies of the movie (just in case something might happen to one of them)
11. Your family is sick and tired of hearing about your "Newsie talk"
12. You regularly speek in a NY accent without even realizing it
13. Whenever you see "Fe" on the periodic table you immediatly think of Santa Fe and have a sudden urge to kick up dust
14. You hate the cameraman in RENT for not zooming in on Aaron Lohr's face enough
15. However, you love the cameraman in D2 cause he's always showing Aaron.
16. You know what BDHONS is.
17. You own BDHONS.
18. You worship BDHONS.
19. You bought converse and claimed to be "invinsible"
20. You threaten people by saying you'll "Get Don Knotts to hunt them down"
21. Whenever someone asks you to check their spelling you nonchalantly think "Kloppman....."
22. You call the girl in school that you hate the most "Sarah"
23. When you saw Superman you screamed at the screen telling them they were pronouncing the word "Pulitzer" wrong.
24. When you saw the movie "King of New York" on the shelf at blockbuster you shook your head knowing in fact racetrack is the one and only king of new york.
25. When Christian Bale knocks his head against the other dude's in batman you automatically said "Remember Crutchy?"
26. You have a Newsies outfit
27. You wear your Newsies outfit regularly
28. You dedicate days to watch all the movies the newsies have been in.
29. You listen to Carrying the Banner every morning while getting ready.
30. You know all of the Newsies birthdays and actually celebrate them.
31. You have written a fan letter to at least one of the newsies
32. You have a newsies site... or have one that you visit every day
33. You blow off homework to watch newsies
34. You cheered when cabby hats became "in style" because it meant you could wear it all the time without getting weird looks (not that that would stop you)
35. Quotes from the movie are part of your daily speech
36. You and your friends have made your own newsie movie (and had a hell of a good time doing it)
37. You have memorized every lyric and dance step from the movie
38. Actually, you've memorized the whole movie even the little side comments like "Jackey just got laid"
39. You've even memeorized the extras like "Newsies, Newsies see all about it"
40. You tryed to convince the director of your school plays to do newsies
41. You watched Drity Dancing and tryed to pick out all of Kenny Ortega's choregraphy you recognized.
42. You think you see the Newsies in the most random places (I thought I spotted Trey Parker in WalMart one time.. but of course it wasnt him)
43. Sometimes you hear newsie voices....
44. You've watched the movie so many times youve picked out all of the bloopers.
45. You caught your mom singing King of New York when she thought you werent listening
46. All of your dreams are Newsies related.
47. You call your 2 worst enemies Oscar and Morris
48. You don't want to tell anyone you think Oscar is hot cause you're afraid you'll be soaked and called a scab. (but, really, he is.)
49. You swear your band teacher is Pulitzer.
50. When you studied child labor in school you begged your teacher to let you watch Newsies
51. And when that didn't work you started a strike :o)
52. You try to recruit new Newsies fans
53. You can easily pick out your favorite newsies voice in the chorus
54. The soundtrack never leaves your CD player.
55. You've memorized the background music
56. You've named one of your pets after a newsie (i personally have a pink fish named Skittery)
57. You scare people with how much you know about the newsboys strike of 1899.
58. You weren't that pissed off when you sprained your ankle because you looked forward to using a crutch and being lilke crutchy
59. You don't feel bad for people with eye patches. You just consider them deeply cool.
60. Instead of saying things are "awesome" you say they are "Newsie worthy"
61. You know one of the newsies in at least the 6th degree (you know someone who knows someone who knows someone.... etc.)
62. You wish you were a Newsie.
63. ... no wait... you ARE a newsie.
64. The word "ambassador" makes you smile.
65.  When you were short on lunch money you asked your friend to "spot you 2 bits" and they actually knew what you meant.
66. You actually started reading the newspaper
67. You volunteered to bring up the paper from the bottom of the driveway every morning, just so you could open the door and yell "Extry! Extry! Read all about it!"
68. You've made a YKYOWNW list
69. You're still reading this YKYOWNW list
70. You learned how to shoot a slingshot just so you could be like Spot.
71. You threaten to "soak" anyone who makes fun of newsies
72. ... and what's even better is they know what your talking about,  know your serious, and run away.
73. You've spent over 100 dollars on Newsies memerobilia.
74. You taught yourself how to play at least one newsies song on your intrument (and if you havent yet.... check out the Sheet Music page.:o) )
75. You hate anyone who has even dated or marryed one of the newsies. (mostly cause you wish you were them)
76. You've re-written songs so they have newsies-related lyrics and you sing your lyrics whenever you hear the song.
77. You would give anything to meet a newsie
78. You've made new friends because of newsies
79. As much as we all hate her... we all wish we were Ele Keats.... just so we could make out with Christian Bale.
80. You annoy many people with your nonstop newsies talk.
81. You've attempted to stalk a newsie (and have a funny story to share about how miserably it failed)
82. Whenever you hear the "time warp" you wait for the part when they say "pelvic thrust" and jump for joy.
83. You know that absolutley anything can be realted back to Newsies.
84. .... and you've actually demonstrated it to people who didn't believe you.
85. Your parents have found that the ultimate punishment is threatening to take away your Newsies DVD.
86. You actually bought something from target because their slogan was "See, SPOT, save."
87. The first time you saw a newsie in another movie (SLC Punk, Little Women, Mighty Ducks, etc.) you called up your friend and held the phone up to the speakers yelling "Listen to his voice!!!"
88. You've had at least one one hour long phone conversation with a fellow newsie freak of just singing the songs. (I know I've had more than one!)
89. When asked what you want for a holiday you simply reply : "A pair of new shoes with matchin' laces!"
90. You cryed when Kenny Ortega cut off his long hair.
91. When you saw that "Big" was on TV, you watched the whole thing yelling things like "David Moscow was just on the milk carton!" or "Awww! Little David Moscow!"
92. You have already planned out your wedding to a newsie....
93. .... talked about it to other people....
94. ..... and even had a dream about it.
95. You wanted to see Brooklyn the Musical just cause it reminded you of Spot.
96. You've very seriously thought about swinging on your ceiling fan
97. You can do a perfect impression of Jack, David, Race, Mush, Spot, Blink, Crutchy, Les..... hell, you can do 'em all!
98. You almost refused to go on a vacation because you knew you would be without the Newsies for a week.... or more!
99. The majority of your last paycheck went to new newsies things.
100. While reading this list your smiling, nodding and yelling out the occasional "Yup! I did that!"
101. Even though your family hates the
movie, when you watch it in the family room, you occasionally hear them pass by singing Carrying the Banner - by Allie
102. You rewrite the words to a Newsies song so it's about your favorite newsie - by Antranig
103. You do a Powerpoint presentation on the strike for a school project -by Antranig
104. You get weird looks at school when you
open up your locker and have a million pictures of your favorite newsie - by Allie
105. That u make other people watch it so
they will get hooked on it too
-by Danielle
106. You do Newsies jumps anywhere and
everywhere you go. -by Kid Snitch
107. You're a newsie for Halloween--no,
wait.  You're a newsie every day. -by Antranig

108. When you get someone to listen to
Newsies just because they like Christian Bale. Then, they actually end up loving Newsies (who wouldn't?).-by Lena
109. you often start conversations
with, "Have you seen Newsies?" - by Moore
110. You are able to associate anything throughout your day with
Newsies. - by Dreamer

111. you get a season of Doogie Howser and The Sopranos and declare it Max Casella night.  Then, you order the "Brooklyn Style" pizza because it reminds you of Spot. - by Dreamer
112. You've watched it a million times but
still laugh at every joke and cry when jack leaves! -by Allie
113. You can't accept the fact that the newsies aren't real, and you cry when you realize this...-by Allie
114. When somebody asks you if you were
with (name), you say - ya, he was here, but he/she put an egg in his/her shoe and.... beat it! -by Mathilde
115. When you call your friend that has a
crutch, Crutchy, whether he/she likes it or not, until he/she doesn't
have a crutch any more! - by Mathilde
116. Whenever you go to New York, you need
to yell in rythm, I'm the King of New York really loud so everybody can hear despite of what they think of you. - by Mathilde
117.You have the DVD, the CD, the spoof
DVD. You have a background of them on your computer. You have their clothes and wear it on their b-days. -by Mathlide
118. When you've done more than
half the things on the list. -by Mathilde
119. When you look at a boy and instead of
thinking, "Wow, he's cute.", you think, "OMFG! That kid would make such a cute newsie! Maybe if I give him a nickel, he'll wear my hat!"   -by Snapshot
120. You actually know the real reason Mush
is called Mush (it's because of his "oatmeal" colored skin)
-by Anneliese

Do you have any others you'd like posted? Enter them below!