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These are some questions I've recieved or heard alot of from  fans. If you have a question you'd like answered, type it in the box on the bottem of the page and I'll do my best to answer it for you!

What's the deal with Patrick's mother? Why is she even there?
The point of Patrick's mother is to show that she is looking among the Newsies for her son (a runaway) because many of the Newsies were runaways. It's just the director and writer's way of throwing a little history into a musical number. She's not really important to the story, she's just giving a little background to who the Newsies are.
Why the lack of romantic build-up between Jack and Sarah?
That's a question that even I can't answer. My best guess is Sarah was only thrown into the loop of the movie for the "love plot" every movie is almost required to have as an unwritten rule. Stubby from IMDb believes "the role of Sarah is only there so that Jack doesn't look like homo". People agree and disagree and have so many different opinions about it, but personally, I think it was a stupid move to include her and just have them randomly make out at the end of the movie, with pretty much only one scene between the 2.
Why does Jack act like he's love with Medda in the beginning of the movie? Is he supposed to be?
No. Definitely not. Medda is supposed to be like Jack's "aunt". That's what her role was trying to achieve. I know it's confusing in the beginning with the whole "introducing Medda" scene, but I assure you, Jack's definitely not supposed to be in love with her, although he does act it sometimes. :o)
In the real story of the strike wasn't the strike leader's name Kid Blink? Why didn't they give Blink a bigger part?
Yes. In the real Newsies strike of 1899 the leader of the strike was a boy with one eye named Kid Blink. I actually don't know why they decided to make Kid Blink more of a "sidekick" type character instead of the leader, I guess it was because they wanted to make a fictional character in case they got any information about the real Blink incorrect they wouldn't have historians complaining about they're flaws. It was also probably easier to write his diolauge not using the real leader as a guide because then you are able to make up what a fictional character would say and it would save you alot of time and research.
How do you get all of your information?
 You just live and learn. I've gathered information from various resources and also, after watching the movie so many times, you start to look out for new things, watch different people, listen to what's being said in the crowd, etc. My best information source is definitely the commentary on the DVD. That helped me alot. The other big help is fellow Newsies fans. Everyone's prepared to help each other which is really cool.
In STD Chorale,I know Kid Blink is a
half step behind, but is there a part in particular that it's really
noticable? And everyone says he realizes that he is a step behind and makes this face, what part exactly does he notice?
Well, there's not really a part that you can just say right out "Ha! He's late!" you have to really be looking for it. And if you just glance at it, it looks like he's right with everyone else, but some of his minor movements are off. That's how you can tell he's late. The face he makes when he notices is when they zoom in on him when he punches his fist into the air. He's supposed ot be looking serious, and he does, but then he notices and gets this cute little embarrassed smile on his face.
During STD, everyone says that Crutchy walks behind David
swinging his crutch...but I have watched that part over and over, and everytime to me it looks like he is using the crutch.  Do you know which he is doing?

Well, all of Crutchy's dancing had to be choreographed to incorparate his crutch. So he very well could've been told to swing the crutch, but i doubt it because he was supposed to be a gimp, and and a gimp can't walk wihtout his crutch. So, if his crutch is being swung around, I don't think he's going anywhere. I agree with you though. I think he's just using it too. Sorry I couldn't give you a definite answer, but I hope that helps.
Do you know when Shon Greenblatt was born?
I don't know exactly when he was born because since he is not really a main-stream actor, not alot of his personal information (such as his birthday) is posted on the internet. If I had to guess I would say he was born around 1971, or maybe 1973. Sorry I could only give you a guess.
Do you know when your seize the day chorachle pictures will
be ready? And maybe the high times/hard times one too?
All of the screen caps have been taken... the hard part is the uploading cause they take alot of time to edit and post and since there are hundreds of them, they really do eat up alot of time. They will be posted very soon, I promise.
I don't know if this is a "Frequently Asked" question or not, but i was wondering if you knew what ethnicity Aaron Lohr was...sometimes, like in Newsies, he looks white, but then on shows like Sister, Sister, he looks black...
Well, you're definitely asking the right person... that's for sure. Being a huge Aaron fanatic... I actually know the answer to this question. He's bi racial. His dad's dad was black and his dad's mom was white, making Aaron a quarter black and a quarter white. His mom is italian and hebrew, giving him a quarter of each of those. So, the final answer is..... He is: A quarter black, a quarter white, a quarter italian, and a quarter hebrew.
Hey. I'm the one who asked the question about posting up the
pictures, and I was wondering if you're gonna post the king of New York pictures soon?
Those are actually the next ones I was going to post! There are about 140 of them I think... so it might take a few days. But those are the next ones that are coming... followed by the rest of the STD ones.
Do you know if Aaron Lohr is a Christian? I know it's kinda
random, but you seem to know everything about him, i just wondered.
Aaron is a Hebrew name, and he is part Hebrew... so my guess is that he's half... if not all Jewish.
Do you know why Newsies was a failure at the box office but
popular now?
Maybe something was in the water in '92 that made critics not like it. Either that... or they were all high. Haha no, I'm just kidding. The real reason Newsies wasn't a big success when it came out was because it's lack of promotion. There was not NEARLY as much adverstising as there could (and should!) have been... bringing in minimal audiences. Now it's just a classic that most music teachers show in their classes... causing most people from our generation to fall in love with it =)
How old are some of the main newsies supposed to be? I've
gotten different answers on different website but you seem to know what you're talking about.
From what I've heard and inferred... the main newsies are supposed to be portraying 14-17 year olds. Usually in those times, when you were older than 17 or 18... you went on to work in a factory. Being a newsboy was a job for the younger boys.
Where is max casella from? he's the only one w/ the real
new yawk accent...

Max Casella is from Boston.
Did david moscow have any prior experience as a singer? cuz he's really good...
Before Newsies.... David Moscow had absolutely NO experience as a singer. According to Kenny... david was so nervous to perform Seize the Day and make the soundtrack. But I agree with you! David Moscow is incredible!
When does mush call kid blink "parker?" i've watched the part
when they're on the platform...and i still can't catch it...
You should turn the volume up REALLY REALLY loud cause you can't really hear it unless you're really looking for it. But it happens when they're on the platform for the first time and Jack is buying his papes. Right after Jack says "Don't rush me I'm cruisin the merchandise Mr. WEASEL" and the camera pans out to the newsies and they're laughing... Mush leans over to Blink and calls him "parker" (his real last name). Hope that helped!
How do you know all this stuff about Aaron??? (its kind of
Hahahaha I knew this would come up! For the record, I am not, nor will I ever be a stalker. Everything I know about Aaron I read on IMDb or So the people who run that site are even more obsessed than I am (shocking I know! lol). So yeah, I don't stalk him... I just really like that website =)
How old is mush and spot now???????How old were they in the movie?????Any where near 15? i really wish i wasnt born in 92 that really sucks .
Oh my friend, i know exactly how much it sucks to be born in '92. I hate it too lol. Anyways, as of today, Mush and Spot are 30, and will be turning 31 this year.  When the movie started filming they were 15 and by the end of it, they were both 16.
Where does Aaron live now i would love to know!
Well he does alot of broadway-esque work so my guess is NYC!

According to the IMDd movie thingy it
says he was 25 when the movie came out! is that true? it seems
Sadly, it's true. He looks sooo much younger though!
I've seen people saying the Racetrack's last name is
"Higgins" but where does that information come from? I mean, is that really his last name?
In history, in the real newsboys stike of 1899, there was a newsie nicknamed "Racetrack" and his last name was in fact "Higgins". The character Racetrack in the movie is based off of that actual newsie, so the last name is accurate.
Do you like Spot? I think you should do more on him.
I love me some Gabe Damon. Alot alot alot actually. Just tell me what you'd like to see Spot related on this site, and I'll do my bets to bring it to you.

Do you have a question you'd like answered? Type it here.