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Nobody's perfect! Even extremly hot amazingly talented newsies!
Here are some of the goofs. If you have any others... email me... I'll credit you.

-photo from

-- During CTB jake walks into the bathroom with his pants down while snipeshooter's in the bath
-- When Mush flips off the wagon in CTB listen to him.... he makes a really weird noise
-- Crutchy sometimes during the songs uses both his legs
-- Morris's facial hair changes through-out the movie
--mush is late for "we need a good assasination"
-- because he's late he pushes past a little kid in an orange shirt and the kid trips ( i dont know his name)
- -during "we need an earthquake" the same little kid gets dragged off by his partner because thats what they were supposed to be doing for "or a war"

-- in the end of KONY when they are all toasting blink and mush are standing next to each other in the back and if you look closely you can see mush mouthing to blink "get me one" blink sticks his hand out and gets passed one and sticks his hand out again to get mush one and nothing gets passed back. mush has this "what am i gonna do" look on his face and blink nudges him to share his glass. you can see them both hystericlly laughing after they toast.

--when they're all posing for the picture aaron is smiling and posing at the beginning before the flash and then gets this look on his face thats like "whats going on".

--jack is the one who says no pictures yet is the only one thats looks good in the picture
-- david has a weird face in the picture because pie eater stepped on his toes

--when you see the actual picture in the paper blink has his arm around spot and his other hand looks like hes about to touch something he might not want to ( also look at spot face and hand in the pic... its really funny, it looks like hes about to punch blink's hand away)

--when raacetrack hits skittery in the beginning of KONY, mush's behind him and he closes his eyes and makes a kissing face right as skittery gets pushed back into him.

--during KONY they're all crumbling the paper but then davey rolls a non-crumbled paper out in front of Denton.... how'd that happen?

--the only time dave has a new york accent is when he says "an editors desk for the star reporter"

--theres a random lady looking through the cafe window in the door during KONY

--when jack gets off the carriage and everyones coming to welcome him back... he yells into the crowd "hey you skittery!" skittery is right next to him.

--Jacks hat being on and off in Santa Fe.

--in TWWK when jack is singing "pulitzer may own the world but he don't own us" the nesiwes are heard singin "ah"'s in the backround. none of theyre mouths are open.

--in the beginning of STD david touches this random lady. does he even know her?

--how does jack  get a lasso in STD?
-- Kid blink is a half a step behind in STD chorale
--When Jack says "i'm purusin the merchandise Mr.Weasel" Mush calls Blink "parker" (his real last name"
--When Racetrack's buying his papes, listen closely. Mush says "Jackey just got laid" (part of a newsies pimps joke they had on the set)
--When spot makes his grand entrance swingin down on the rope he licks his hand instead of spitting on it
--in KONY when the four guys jump of on the table and then fall down and roll on it you can see Bumlets ducking under the table to get to the ceiling fan
--When dave goes to rescue jack from the refuge there are 5 guys all in all. in the next shot, theres more. 
--in KONY after they say "but i was a star for one whole minute" the guys who have to dance on the table start making theyre way over there, except mush. he's magically there in the next shot. (my guys magic)
--There is a piece on lint on the nun's habit when she's singing to the boys.
--One of the nun's is wearing a wedding ring
-- When Blink says "something to wake me up" in CTB the boy behind him is mouthing the words.
-- When Racetrack says "because he's a tightwad, that's why" Crutchy starts to say the same thing.
-- in CTB right before they do the pelvic thrust for the first time Christian is still on the ground from the dance move he did before and is having trouble getting up so Trey runs over to help him and they make up something to still get to theyre spots on time (plus look at Christian's face afterwards hes embarrassed and its so cute)
--When Mush and Blink get thrown into the air in STD mush starts freaking out and making these weird noises cause it looks like he's going to fall
--anyone else think the guy who shoots a slingshot next to Spot is really hot too?
--When spot shoots his slingshot at a bottle in Brooklyn you see a very clear watch tan line on his wrist.
--Why aren't the Brooklyn Newsies selling papers?
--Don't you think the guy on the staiurs would wake up after 4 guys run past him?
-- The kids who are playing the drums in STD chorale
-- Pulitzer pokes Jack 9 times
--Wehn Les wraps up his hot dog in the article its not fully covered but when Sarah finds it... it is covered.
--Nobody wakes up with PERFECT hair and makeup and looks out onto the fire escape to see if anyones there first thing in the morning!
-- Sarah's the only one not singing in HTHT
--Race and Blink's lipsyncing is really off during HTHT
--Mush and Race and Boots are so pre-occupied hitting each toher with newspapers in Finale that they almost miss they're dancing cue.
-- Spot never dances
--How is Jack able to kick up dirt in SF when it was pouring rain before?
-- Jack's not really riding the horse in SF, the horse wouldn't cooperate so at parts he's riding on the stuintman's shoulders
-- When Skttery spins off the steps in CTB he misses the last step and trips
--Don't you think someone else would hear someone screaming "stop it!" in an alley before Jack came?
--Sarah punches the wall before she puches Morris
--When Sarah says "good morning" she says it with a southern accent.
-- Jack flicks shaving cream onto Mush's hat in CTB and in the next shot, it's not there. No trace of it.
-- Why is Racetrack's petition sign on Pulitzers desk?
-- Pulitzer's magnifying glass is way behind what he's reading out loud
--Boots', Les' and snipeshooter's chairs arent so magical in KONY, you see hands pushing them up.
--Don't you think the people in the streets would notice hundreds of gorgeous boys singing and dancing in the middle of the street? They just walk by like nothings happening.
--this isn't a blooper, but I think it's the cutest thing in the WHOLE movie. When Jack tells everyone the strikes over the little kid in the orange taps skittery on the shoulder, hugs him, and they do a mini spit handshake.
--When Jack comes back Mush grabs dave's shoulders like he's holding on for dear life.
--in the CTB reprise when mush sings "try bottle alley or da harbor" someone says "i ain't trying bottle alley"
--Then, when Race goes "try central park its guarunteed" the same guys goes "i ain't going to central park"
--How come Les is the only one in the Jacobs family with a NY accent?
--I don't know of any poor imigrant families who can afford nice plates. How can the Jacobs?
-- Spot's brooklyn accent dissapears when hes yelling at Jack for being a scab
-- All of theyre accent's dissapear while singing STD
--Hot dog's weren't invented in 1899
-- When Blink is helping jack escape the bulls at the rally, his hat is off, then when theyre outside, it's on tightly
-- After CTB whe Jack is going up the ramp to get his papers and says to Race "You're to kind to me..." Race laughs and grabs his crotch...
-sent in by Aliie

--When David sings, "Now is the time to seize the day" and runs over to where Racetrack is and the Newsies sing the same line, you can hear Racetrack there on the video better than you can hear him on the soundtrack. -sent in by Alona

--When Mush and Blink get thrown up into the air, I swear I can hear a LOUD "thud" after they land. Hope someone
didn't fall! -sent in by Alona

--Even though STD is David's big song, you hardly see him...most of the time you watch the OTHER Newsies dance around the statue.-sent in by Alona

--And speaking of dancing around the statue...David hardly dances in the STD scene. I think the most he does is when they all sing, "Don't be afraid and don't delay" and they sort of "compete" with Jack and the other half of the Newsies-sent in by Alona

--  When all the Newsies are making the other newsies drop the papes so that they're in the strike to, the 1st one that actually drops his papes looks like the 1st guy that race is asking if he can read in the song once and for all. -sent in by Mathilde

-- When Jack, Boots, and David are at the docks while Spot is sitting on his crates, there's a thumb in the top left corner of the screen.     -sent in by Roll

--Before TWWK David's carrying a bunch of papes and then in the next shot he isn't. -sent in by Megan


--There are so many other I will update soon!