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Everyone has an interesting story about how they became an obsessive Newsies freak.This page is here for you to share your story with the world :o)

My choir sang Seize the Day and I couldn't get the song out of my head so I looked up the lyrics and saw what movie it was from. Then I went to YouTube and searched for Newsies. Someone put the whole movie on there. I watched it and just had to buy the movie. It's so cool. I don't know why people say it was a flop. I'm totally hooked on it now
I was in Music class. We were about to get started on a Newsie experience.  She was going to show us the movie, teach us the songs, and whatever. The first part she showed us was CTB. I was like "What the hell?"  But then i realized just how amazing they are to be able to put the song together!
my music teacher made the eight th graders (I'm in 7th grade ) sing Seize the day for our spring concert and because i loved the song so much i rented the movie and became obsessed
Well, it was after my 5th grade promotion, we had a party. My teacher found a random tape that was his daughter's. He told us about the story and put it on. I was in the front row of desks and I was hooked ever since Racetrack started talking. After class Iwent home and started looking at the newsies fan page. I was amazed that after 15 years, people still loved this movie. I started watched the parts and things on Youtube. I had the whole movie down and Ididn't even own the DVD!!!I started looking. I looked at about 15 stores for that one DVD. I still ended up ordering it online. I only had for about 4 days and I watched it at least 6 times!!!I also bought the soundtrack...
I was at a choir party and the director let
us watch Newsies. I had never heard of it and we didn't get to finish
it. A year later I met a good friend and she let my borrow her copy and I was hooked after Carryin' the Banner.
Our choir sang 'Seize the Day' at our
achool's dedication, and it was so beautiful that I looked up the song and lyrics online, and eventually decided to rent the movie that it was from. The movie was, of course, amazing, and so I bought it myself at Barnes and Noble and this Friday I'm inviting 20 or so friends over to watch it and celebrate the goodness of the movie!

One of my best friends, Laura, was always
talking about it and I had no clue what it was. I was like, that sounds
like a dumb movie. Until...., when we watched it in history class! I
wasn't able to see the whole movie because of choir in the middle, so I asked my teacher if I could borrow the DVD to watch it, and now I'm totally obssesed with The Newsies. Laura and I always talk about it and we even celebrate all of the b-days!

Once upon a time there was a choir teacher
who let us watch musicals. her favorite and soon the whole classes was Newsies that was about five or six years ago. we even did a choir concert with newsies as our theme it was soooo cool!
I was at a choir party and the director let
us watch Newsies. I had never heard of it and we didn't get to finish
it. A year later I met a good friend and she let my borrow her copy and I was hooked after Carryin' the Banner.

I was roleplaying with someone who was using
Mush and Spot as characters. They told me to go to a newsie website to see the pix of the characters.  Soon I was hooked on the site and all the other Newsie websites and uh...pix that were on the internet.  With the next couple days I had forced my mom to get me the DVD! I was hooked on the movie before I even saw it!

At the end of the school year, my Honors
Choir director told us that we were going to watch the movie the Newsies. Unfortunatly, I couldn't see it because of volleyball camp so my mom searched all summer for it, and she finnally found the movie and brought it home for me to watch. within the first half I was hooked.
I had heard of newsies from other friends,
but i went to my friend kristen's house (who is equally obsessed w/ the movie) and she showed it to me! i loved it, and it tortured me that i couldn't watch it cuz i didn't have it! i got it for my bday and have
watched at least part of it every day since! i'm a new newsie so i don't know EVERYTHING about it yet...but i have definitely found a new obsession! i <3 jack!

Well, i was in drama last year (sixth grade)
and we had to watch it durring the last week of the quarter. All of the
guys thought it was the stupidest thing they had ever seen but most of the girls fell in love with the hot guys in it. Me and my friend have
the movie and the soundtrack and we are giving our friends newsie names every day. I almost soaked a guy who said the newsies and espesially Spot was gay. It was good for him my friends were there holding me back.

well... i also first saw it in choir. i liked
it, a lot, but i wasn't obsessed, yet. then i found i couldn't get it
out of my head. the music, dancing, hot guys... i then begged my mom for it. i watch it all the time now, and have converted all of my friends to newsie freaks. carryin' da banna!
Well,I was in choir and my teacher was gone. The school couldn't get a music sub, so we had to watch a movie. Our teacher had picked out the newsies for us to watch. We couldn't finish it all in the hour and I went insane waiting to see the end, so my best friend and I rented it and watched it like 50 times!
well... i remember when i was younger them showing the movie on the Disney Channel all of the time...and loved towatch it and sing along with it...i was prolly about 7 or eight. I even recorded it. as i got older i guess i just forgot about it when one day for now reason i just thought about the movie... nothing happened to jog my memory of it but i just did...i went home turned on the TV and there it was newsies the very beginning in fact and wierd stuff like that happens to me all the time anyway but... that was when i was in highschool and ive been out of highschool for 3 years and still watch it still love it more than anything... its sad i get obsessed with things too easily.
yea... so basically i'm the girl well
chrissy's best friend that was homesick that day and watched newsies. my mom told me my cousin who is now 26 loved the movie when she was my age so i decided to watch! and i adored it! and then i made chrissy and my other friend watch it. which is how chrissy came to be obessed and how she started this site!(i feel so special!) lol JK
I was in chorus/music, whatever you want to
call it, and my teacher told us we were going to be watching 'NEWSIES'. I wasn't too excited about it, either. It looked like another boring musical. But when we watched it, and I saw Racetrack's face (not to mention his smart-ass attitude, and cigar for some reason...?) and I fell in love with him & the movie. I got it for Valentine's Day and I haven't stopped watching it since. Since being 3 years ago.

Back in 7th grade (4 years ago) my chorus teacher told us to vote on which movie we wanted to watch: Willy Wonka or Newsies. He said that everyone loved Newsies and it was voted for every year, but i didn't care. When the class voted on Newsies, i was really angry, but then we watched it and i fell completely in love with it and i've been Caryin' the Banner ever since!
well my brother had to watch it in school and he likes history and stuff so i guess he liked learning about the strike and for music he had to sing the songs in concerts.  so he had the cd and dvd and i was like 8 so i didnt really care about it but then about 4 years later in school we had to watch it and i fell in love with it. :)

Well, our drama teacher showed it to my class
one day, and i loved it. but not as much as i do now. When the part
with Spot came on, what can i say? i consider/ed the best movie EVA.

We were really bored one day in the summer so
Aaron ((my best friend's brother)) brought over for us to watch it and
Hannah ((my best friend)) said it was really good but she wasn't
obsessed over it. So we watched it, and after I thought it was all good and ok. But then it wouldn't get out of my head so I spent my entire night trying to find all the info I could on it! I got obsessed from

My sister had been obsessed since she was my
age, but I never watched it with her...then almost a year ago, my mom
recorded it on TV and wanted me to watch it, so I did...:)
My drama teacher first showed us the movie...and i thought it was alright. Then my freind Sandra became clinically obsessed and wouldn't leave it be.  She begged my mom to buy me the movie, so she did, and i watched it and fell in love with mush...from then on, i have been obsessed.
It all started when my friend stayed home sick from school one day. She was flipping through channels and saw Newsies and remembered that her cousin was obsessed with it, so she decided to watch. She then loved it, taped it on her TiVo and tryed to get me to see it. All she did was talk about it and try to convince me. Shes like "all the guys are gorgeous... and one guy has his shirt off in the first scene and you see his rock hard abs!" and then the thing that actually made me cave in and see it was when she told me "steve from rent when he was our age" was in it. So i agreed and watched it... and the rest is history!



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