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This page is an ongoing list of things I ALWAYS think, feel, wonder, wish, say, etc. while watching Newsies. Every sentence starts with "I always..."
If you want to write your own, send it to and I'll post it.

- ... feel like I'm going to cry when the police officer hits Blink with a cane during the rally
- ... wonder why the guy on the stairs doesn't wake up when Jack, Dave, Les, AND Snyder run past him.
- ... drool over Aaron Lohr's Abs.
- ... punch my TV screen when Sarah kisses Jack
- ... want to kiss Mush :o)
- ... want Les to be MY little brother
- ... smile when Christian can't get up during CTB and trey comes over and helps him up (right before they do the pelvic thrust for the 1st time)
- ... shed a tear of joy when Jack says " We Beat 'Em!"
- ... sing and dance along (duh)
- ... wonder why dave is wearing the exact same outfit at the end of the movie that mush wore during STD chorale and KONY.
- ... wonder how Jack and Dave were gonna break crutchy out of the refuge (were they gonna cut out the bars?)
- ... laugh at the "ghetto newsie" music that plays when Jack, Boots, and Dave get to Brooklyn.
- ... want to give Les a big hug when Jack leaves and he's crying
- ... want to poke Pulitzer
- ... wonder why Denton turns Irish all of the sudden ("Not from the likes of 'im!")
- ... wish Mush would flip out of the TV into my living room :o)\
- ... wonder why Jack chose Santa Fe. Why not another city out west?
- ... laugh at the indian calls skittery and blink make when everyone's ripping up the papers
- ... how Les could fall alseep with all the noise from the trolly strike going on and after eating all that candy.
- ... laugh when Mush says "Jackey just got laid"
- ... stand up and cheer when Skittery gets back up from being punched and kicks ass
- ... think it's so cute when Christian Bale's british accent slips out. ("we'll make our own paper!")
- ... march around during Once and for All (don't ask)
- ... wonder what the "King Chuckabobo Method" is. (in the extras)
- ... smile at the face Blink makes when he realizes he's a step late in STD Chorale (its so adorable)
- ... smile when spot does that little eyebrow raise when Jack says "listen to what he has to say"
- ... wish I was a little bird so I could chirp in Spot's ear :o)
- ... "aw" uncontrollably after the newsies win the strike and the little kid in the orange hugs Skittery and they do a mini- spit handshake
- ... wonder what "Little Kid in the Orange"'s character's name is.
- ... laugh hysterically when Sarah puts her arm on Jack's shoulder right before TWWK Reprise and he puts his shoulders back to push her hand off. (anyone else ever notcie that?)
- ... laugh at what Spot does after Race sings "Ain't I pretty" in KONY ( he makes this face whic is like oh dont get too full of yourself. Its reeally funny)
- ... love how Crutchy says "How Jack rode out here on that coach"
- ... feel back for Crutchy
- ... laugh at every joke in the movie even though I've heard them 50,000 times each.
-... wish that bumlets would spin on my ceiling fan -this one's by Hannah
- ... wish i was Newsie.