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Take this quiz to see which BDHONS death you would encounter. Just grab a pen and paper, and write down your answers and at the bottom of the page... click on the letter you got the most of.
Note: the quiz will probably make a lot more sense if you've seen the movie a bunch of times

Do you know who Don Knotts is?
a. No, and he doesn't sound like a guy I'd wanna hang around with.
b. Sounds familiar... I think I've met him once or twice.
c. Ugh not again! I hate that guy! He's such a bad actor!
d. I think he tryed to send me a telegram once... or maybe it was some flowers...
When you're on a break you like to:
a. sit in a circle with your friends, laughing
b. drink lemonade
c. hang out in a trailer
d. smoke in a trailer
How do you want to die?
a. I don't want to.
b. unexpectidly
c. putting up somewhat of a fight
d. Putting up one hell of a fight and going with your dignity intact
Do you like the buddy system?
a. Never really got a chance to use it
b. Sure. Why not.
c. Nah, I'd rather do things on my own.
d. I swear by it.
Does the phrase "Don't drop the soap near Uncle Phil" mean anything to you?
a. Can't say I've ever heard that one before.
b. Not really.
c. Yeah, i guess so.
d. Of course! It's most important and comes before anything else!
Do you trust people in general?
a. a little
b. I trust everyone and everything
c. Nope. I don't trust anyone.
d. Only if they're an A.D.
Who would you want to hang out with most?
a. Dominic Lucero and David Sindoni
b. Michael Goorjian and Max Casella
c. Aaron Lohr and Christian Bale
d. Max Casella and Trey Parker
What job in a movie would you like to have the most?
a. Cinematographer
b. Creative Consultant
c. Producer
d. Director
Do you know where "The Old Road" is?
a. No, not really.
b. Yes I do.
c. Duh! I'm one of the bushes for chrissake!
d. Yeah, and I wish someone would f*cking join me up here...
Do you like heights?
a. No. I prefer to be on ground level
b. Yeah, I could go for a nice dance on a rooftop once in a while.
c. Love 'em. You always get the best view from up high.
d. For the most part.
What do you always have with you?
a. my magazines... but I seem to have lost them...
b. a cup of lemonade
c. my chair... but where the hell did it go?
d. my amazing black converse
In a newscast you would be:
a. the voice introducing the anchorwoman
b. helping sing the news music
c. making the news music
d. being interviewed
Did you ever do anything to Don Knotts?
a. I guess I stole his part. Wow I'm a son of a bitch.
b. No, I've been nothing but nice to him.
c. Yeah, I've insulted him.
d. I survived him!

Did you get mostly...

A's -

B's -

C's -

D's -

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