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This is an good idea thought up by Antranig.What you do is take a Newsies quote and change it so that it would alter the outcome of the movie (usually rather dramatically). Anything goes, and they're usually pretty funny.

Jack: "Are we just gonna take what they give us, or are we gonna strike?"

Sarah: (walks to edge of roof)
Jack: (runs up and pushes her over)

Mush: "Where they takin' him, Dave?"
Dave: "I guess we'll never know."

Mush: "Look, we got no choice. So let's go get our lousy papes while they still got some, huh?"
Jack: "Okay!" 


 Jack:  The Refuge is this jail for kids.  The guy chasing
me is Snyder.  He's the warden.
Les:  You were in jail?  Ew!  I'm not selling with you, you filthy


Sarah: "Are you hungry?"
Jack: "No."
Sarah: "Darn.  So much for my suckup plan."

David: "I paid for 20 and only got 19."
Weasel: "Oh my gawd!  You're right!  I am soooo sorry."


Weasel: "World employees only on dis side of the gate!"
Newsies: "Oh, sorry!" (they move to the street)

Jack: "Are you bribin' me, Joe?"
Pulitzer: "Well, yeah."


-by Antranig




Jack: "So, can he drop me at the train yards?"

Denton: "Well, no."


Jack:"Whats it gonna take to stop the wagons? Are we ready?"
Newsies: "No!"

David: "What're we gonna do put an add in the newspaper?"
Jack: "Yeah, that sounds about right."

Spot: "How do i know you've got what it takes to win?"
Jack: "Yeah, can't help you there."

Mush: "Maybe we're moving to soon. Maybe we ain't ready, y'know?
Jack: "No. I don't know."


Mush: "So when's the editors comin', Kid?"

Blink: "How should I know?"


Medda: (singing) "So your old lady don't love you no more?"

Any Newsie: "No... who told you that?"


Boots: "Keep talking, Jack! Tell us what to do!"

Jack: "Well you tell us what to do, Dave."

David: "No! Think of your own ideas."


David: "Sure, after you take our demands to Pulitzer."

Jack:  "Me to Pulitzer?"

David: "Nevermind. You can't put up a good argument to save your life. I'll go talk to him."



-by MushsGoil (me)




Seitz:"It'll be awfully rough on those children, chief."
Pulitzer: "Yeah, you're right. Anymore suggestions?"


Jack: "We split 60-40 or i forget the whole thing."
Newsies: "That's fair."
David: "No thanks, you can forget it."


Jack: "So, Denton, is my name really gonna be in the
Denton: "Any objections?"
Jack: "Yeah, I'd rather not be in the 'Sun'...doesn't really do much
for my reputation, ya know?"


Denton: David, as in David and Goliath?
David: No, David as in David Jacobs.  Now i would appriciate it if you
would keep your hands off me you sick, sick man.

Crutchy: "When I walk, does it look like I'm fakin' it?"
Jack: "To be honest, yeah...ya gotta lean more and wince when you step or theys neva gonna believe you."

Race: "what is that unpleasant aroma? i fear the sewer may
have backed up during the night."
any newsie: "sorry...that was me!"


-by Allie




Spot: "If it ain't jack be nimble jack be quick."

Jack: "Well, no. Its not the candlestick jumping jack... it's the jack that climbed the bean stalk. Get your fairy tales right man... GOD!"


Racetrack: What are we supposed to do to the bums kiss um? 
Jack: Yeah that sounds pretty good.



Sarah: "Go up on the roof."  

Jack: "No thanks I like my balcony. Just go make some doilys"



Jack: "(singing)will yah keep a candle burning, will yah help me find my way..." 

Santa Fe: "hey listen junoir, I'm an inatimate object... I don't have hands to light a stupid candle for yah and i can't transform myself into a map to help yah find your way! ok? so stop singing to me its kind of stalker like and freaky!" 



Spot: "What is this jackie boy some kinda walkin' mouth?"
Jack: "No it happens to be human being, smartie"



Jack: "Pie Eater! Snotty! east side! snipeshooter you go wid
em. "

Pie Eater: "Stupid kid blink i wanted to do harlem! jaaaaackk! come
on! i hate you im gonna start my own strike!" (walks off)

Jack: "Ummmm okay well, who wants Brooklyn!"



Mayer: "David it's time to come in now." 

David "NO! what if i want to stay out here!"

Jack: "No really Dave why don't you go inside. I gotta sing my song, if I don't Kenny's gonna kill me.


-by Kelly




David: "Our father told us not to lie."
Jack: "Yeah? Well mine did, too, but do you see him around anywhere? No. So, c'mon."


Jack: "So Spot was right. Is this just a game to you guys?"
Racetrack: "Pretty much, yeah."


Jack: "Also, we gotta get smart and start listening to my
pal David."
Newsie in the crowd: "Make us!"


Jack: "So Spot was right. Is this just a game to you?"
Racetrack: "Pretty much, yeah."


JACK: (singing) Where does it say you gotta live and die here?
RACETRACK: (off-camera) Um, right here, actually.
JACK: What?
RACETRACK: (still off-camera) Yeah, right here. See? (hands paper to Jack) Right there.
JACK: (skims paper) Wow, you're right. Well, that pretty much means
that this song will be cut out later. (Walks off-camera)



-by Alona




When the random Newsies are coming down off the steps
(after STD)

One of the Striking Newsies hollers: "Are ya a Newsie or what?"
Scabba' that's joining strike: "Ya know, I'll think I'll scab."



- by Kid Snitch





Spot: "Tell me I'm seein' things. Just tell me I'm seein'
Race: "No, you ain't seein' things. It's Jack. Ain't he HOT?"


Spot: "Your honor, I object."
Judge Monahan: "Ok. Great for you. Anything else ya wanna tell me?"

Jack: "So waddya say, Spot?"
Spot: "I say... no. Not gonna happen."

Spot: "Brooklyn!"
Jack: "Go away!"



- by Terra




Spot: Your honor, I object.
Judge: On what grounds?
Spot: Habeus corpus.  Unlawful arrest.  Improper treatment while under the law. (continues with legal jargon)
Judge:  You are absolutely correct, young man.  You are all free to go.  Next!


-by Allison




( in the refuge with jack)
: oh mr. synder was eating good tonight baked photos,olives,
gr... and guess what i did to his sour corut
jack: so what he get you?
crutchy: ahh another 3 mounths probobley
*jack takes crunchy phototo and starts singing*
*crunchy comes back in*
crutchy: hey thats my phototo! who said you could have it sannta fe guy and i mean quick it dude it no sercert you go arould singing it all the time! gosh get a life if you want to go GO! i dont mind gosh!


-By Dreamer 





*Santa Fe ends*
Jack: Heya Race.
Ractrack: Hey Jack I gotta be honest with ya, the entire street just
heard you singing about how you don't have a family and disgruntled
onlookers are laughing at you for dancing and grunting in the street... this whole things just really awkward, I'm not gonna lie.


-by Tomfoolery



Jack: so whadda you say Spot?
Spot (looks around): i say, that what you a bunch of garbage.i dont want to be part of your strike anymore! com'on guys lets get outta here!!! (he and the brooklyn newsies storm off angerly.
David: so much for that plan

-by Spot




Sarah: Les What is this?
(picks up the hot dog)
Les: Its a hot dog bitch


-by Ariana




Mush: Howdya sleep Jack?
Jack: Pretty good thanks.
Mush: Didya guys hear.. Wait What!


-by Ellie




*Sarah pushed through the croud to get to Jack.  She looks
at him and is about to kiss him when...*

Jack:  Yo, bitch!  Gecha nasty paws offa me!
*he pushes her away*
  Sorry David but shes on crack if she thinks I'm gunna kiss her.
David:  It's ok, I know how you feel.


- by Julz





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