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This page is just some sort of guidelines for the site, things you should know, and the story of how the site began.

1. I will let you have pretty much anything off my site if you just CREDIT me. That's one of my biggest pet peeves is when people take things and don't credit the creators. Because, I really do work hard to get all this stuff up for you guys and hate when other people take credit for what you spent hours creating.
2. I would appreciate if before you took something you just dropped me an email asking permission or at least letting me know you were borrowing something just so I'm not searching sites one day and see "hey! those are my icons!" I would like to know where my stuff is going.
3. I am a full time student with a part time job and managing a website can be very difficult with all of these other things going on, so I may occasionally miss a day of updates, but no worries. I will almost defnitely be back the next day with  twcie the amount of updates (don't worry though... if I do have to miss a day I will probably give you warning)
4. Alright. This is a point a have to stress. Hatemail. I understand that people have opinions. I'm very opinionated myself. If you think theres something on my site that needs improvment, I'm always open to suggestions. I am NOT however open to a slash and burn email full of things to bring me down and make me upset. Those emails are rude and just plain uncalled for. I work hard to bring you these things and DO NOT appreciate unnessasary putdowns.
5. Also... a warning... if you do send me a slash and burn email.... just know that in a days time your email will be picked apart, made fun of, and posted on the site for the whole internet to see what an inconsiderate person you really are. You have been warned.
6. If you don't like the site, don't visit it. It's really that easy. One liner hatemails like "your site sucks" are really pointless and just plain annoying, so, please just don't send them. They're a waste of time.
7. I'm open to chatting with anyone who wants to chat.
8. Don't be afraid to ask. I don't care how stupid the question is, if it's about the movie, or the site, or just things in general. Don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer.
9. Please, don't post any putdowns on the message boards. We're supposed to be a friendly cult.... remember? 
10. I check my email very frequently to see if theres any forms to be posted and I almost always get them up that day. So please don't email me saying "wheres my icons i requested?" or "wheres my commandment?" if it's not up right away. It will be up. I PROMISE. I am very busy though, and I do the best I can.
11. New ideas are always welcome and GREATLY appreciated. There are only so many ideas I can think up on my own for new things, so if you have any ideas, send 'em on over. Credit will be given, of course.

It all began in June 2006......
It didn't take me long after my friend showed me Newsies to become obsessed with it. And, after I did, I started checking for Newsies sites that were still updating frequently. I stumbled across a few and i checked them everyday and started taking all the surveys and reading all the bloopers and deleted scenes, etc. So one day, I was reading the observations form one site and realzied "hey.... theres alot more I noticed," So i emailed them to the webmistress and something happened and that weird mailer demon thing sent my email back (i know this all seems pointless but it all leads up to the big shebang soon.) Anyways, so I thought "What if I made my own site and I could post all of my own things?" So i tryed to remember way back when I was like 9 or so, my friend tryed to get me to set up an angelfire website. So i went to and tryed to start building my site, but I couldn't remember any of the codes and what not. So after a day of that, I gave up. The next day I was ready to try with angelfire again, but before I started again, I asked my brother if he had ever made a website before.... hoping he might be able to help. He said no, but that his friend had made one on a site called And that's how it began! I decided that I would manage the site for the entire summer and see if i liked the whole "webmistressing thing", and if I did then I would keep it running for as long as I could. It turns out I love it and seriously it was a great desision. I've made so many friends through it, and as challenging and rough and time consuming as it can be... it's alot of fun and I really like bringing you guys new things every day :o)