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What you need:
 -The newsies DVD
-Tons of the beverage of your choice( i encourage the use of soda or water... but it's up to you!)
-A friend to play it with
Use the following list to know when to drink or not to drink
There are many ways that someone can win... you can choose whichever way you want to play:
-whoever has to go to the bathroom first looses
-the first person who asks to pause the movie looses
-the first person to run out of their beverage wins
-whoever takes the most sips wins
So have fun and be responsible :o)

Drink one sip when….

-One newsie slaps another across the face

-A newsie is spotted without a shirt! O.o

-Jack says the words “Santa Fe

-A Brooklyn Newsie jumps off the dock

-The word “Strike!” is yelled

-Someone says the word “Papa”

-A women other than Sarah or Medda is on screen

-You feel like punching Sarah in the face


Drink 2 sips when….

-You spot a blooper!

-You see the Horace Greeley statue

-The boys are climbing on the statue

-Les falls asleep

-Les tries to imitate Jack

-Spot uses his slingshot

-Race acts like a smartass

-The newsies are hanging out a Tibbys

-A newsie is sword fighting with a stick


Drink 3 sips when…

-Sarah and David act like MORE than just brother and sister

-Sarah says (or does) something retarded.

-You spot an OBVIOUSLY fake background

-Something happens in the movie which urges you to repeat a line from BDHONS.

-A newsie makes a joke.

-A newsie is smoking

-Denton pays for the newsies’ food


Drink 4 sips when…

-A newsie gets less papers than he payed for

-Jack says “papes”

-Pulitzer pokes Jack

-You laugh at the word “Ambastard”

-It’s obvious that Dave and Denton want each other

-Revenge is gotten for Crutchy

-Pulitzer growls



Drink EVERYTHING in site when…

-Sarah says something that doesn’t make her sound like a retard

-Jack pokes Pulitzer

-Spot dances (and not just shakes his hands in a fit of joy)

-Oscar and Morris congratulate the newsies on a job well done

-Dave and Denton are talking and it looks like they DON’T love each other

-Spot is violent WITHOUT using his slingshot

-You don’t want Mush to rip his shirt off (if ANY of you drink a sip during this… there’s something wrong with you O.o )

-Dutchy spells something right without Kloppman’s help

-“Little Kid in the Orange” is actually called by a name

-The newsies cult of 578294075843656 girls run on set and jump on the boys

-It is revealed that Sarah is in fact a man