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If you had a chance to meet a Newsie and ask them only one question... what would it be?
Name - Newsie you would choose - Question
(Note: You CAN repeat a question if someone has asked what you wanted to ask)

Chrissy - Mush (Aaron Lohr) - "Will you marry me?"
Chelsea - Jack (Christian Bale) - "Still wanna go to Santa Fe?"
Hannah (Roll) - Bumlets (Dominic Lucero) - "Wanna spend the rest of your life with me?"
Allie - Mush (Aaron Lohr) - "Will you flip for me?"
Chelsea H - Racetrack (Max Casella) - "Wanna gamble with me?"
Mary (Laces) - Kid Blink (Trey Parker) - "Can we have a baby?"
Kelly (Dolly) - Kid Blink (Trey Parker) - "Smile!!!"
Hannah (Roll) - Spot (Gabriel Damon) - "Are you a good kisser?"
Allie - Little Kid in the Orange - "Aren't you a cutie?"
Briana - Jack (Christian Bale) - "Can I see you're abs? Please? Pretty please?"
Danielle - Spot (Gabriel Damon) - "Will you look at me with those gorgeous eyes?"
Taylor (Tommy Boy) - Racetrack (Max Casella) - "HOLY FREAKING CRAP! YOU'RE RACETRACK HIGGINS! Wanna go to the races?"
Emilie (Spotlight) - Spot (Gabe Damon)- "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD, IT'S GABRIEL DAMON! WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
Moore (Teeth) - Spot (Gabe Damon)-"Can I touch the slingshot?"
Terrie - David (David Moscow)- "I'll help you seize the day!"
Audrey (Red) - Spot (Gabe Damon) - "I have a porcelin tub with boiling water...wanna take a bath in it?"
Molly (Moore) - Spot (Gabe Damon) - "O my god. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD! YOU'RE GABE DAMON! Can I be your lover?"
Jane (Dictionary) - Racetrack (Max Casella) - "Will you tapdance for me, please?"
Lacie- Skittery (Michael Goorjian) - "Would you please just sing "For a buck I might" for me, and then marry me?"
Shroe (Lunch Money) - Jack (Christian Bale) - "Seriously, what's with the Santa Fe fetish? It's kinda weird."
Shroe (Lunch Money) - Snitch (Dee Caspary) - "Will you give me your hat? It's awesome!"
Shroe (Lunch Money) - LIttle Kid in the Orange- "You're so charming and adorable! Why didn't you get a name?"
Maia (Mayan) - Spot (Gabe Damon) - "Omg!!!!! Since your the King of Brooklyn can I be your Queen?"
Jasira (Legs) - Mush (Aaron Lohr) - "Will you show me your abs???"
Allie - Jack (Christian Bale) - "Will you kiss me?"
Bevin (Lyric) - Racetrack (Max Casella) - "Wanna race to your bunk?"
Hearts - Mush (Aaron Lohr) - "Would you mind serenading me? PLEASE!?"
Ariana (Arrsnickers) - Mush (Aaron Lohr) - "OMG OMG i love you.... can I see your abs??"
Ari - Mush (Aaron Lohr) - "Can i see your abs then touch them, and
maybe then we can get married"
Jennifer - Spot (Gabriel Damon) - "OH MY GOD!!!!! You're Spot!!! Hey, can I have your cane and we get married?!?!?!"







Newsie Name

Newsie you would choose

Question you would ask