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The idea for this page came from none other than the spectacular NML (newsies mailing list)! Here's how it goes. Every few weeks or so I will post a new question about "what would've happened if..." Then you enter your hypothesis about what would've happened in the box below. It's a fun little game that gets you thinking about the way things could have been.
*Note: you don't HAVE to but it would be more intersesting if you elaborated instead of just saying things like "He would've stayed" or "Nothing would've happened". Just a suggestion, not a requirement!

What do you think would've happened if David had never showed up that day?
What do you think would've happened if Spot was the leader of the Manhattan Newsies and Jack was the leader of the Brooklyn Newsies?
Jessie predicts:
Manhattan wouldn't need the other newsies. David would
cry on a regualr basis because of Spot's mean, yet funny, remarks.
Julz predicts:
I think that Kloppman would pick Spot up and carry him
around like a baby to wake him up.  Just cause he can. (Jack was a bit to big and heavy for Kloppman to do that). I also think that in the kissing scene, he would have to stand on a stool.

Mouse predicts:
They wouldn't have needed anybody's help and the
strike would be over faster because Spot wouldn't have gotten arrested. Spot would leave out Davey and no kiss Sarah cuz she's to ugly for him. Spot would have gone in and not get kicked out the forst time going to Pulitzers and Spot would get mad a Pulitzer for all the pokings and Spot would get to dance more cuz hes so hot.
Twigt predicts:
The manhattan newsies would be the tough ones instead
of Brooklyn so the strike would have gotten much more help faster with david's big mouth and Spot's threats moving the strike on a lot faster, that is if Spot didn't leave David out completely because he's a wimp.
Allie predicts:
Davey would have fallen in love with jack
instead...sarah would still be in love with jack....david and sarah (brother and sister) would get in a fight over who gets jack :-)



What do you think would've happened if Denton didn't exsist?

Shroe Dawson predicts:
Poor Davey would never have found love.
Alice predicts:
Well, obviously, with Denton out of the way Jack and
David would begin a long and meaningful relationship. Dutchy would be stoned to death for being the only non-hot newsie, everyone would finally realize that Racetrack is 23 (not 12 as he appears) and Mush would have an epiphany to never again put on a shirt. Oh, and without Denton to make Jack famous, Sarah loses interest and is crossing the train tracks to get home one day when she gets run over. Oh, dear.

Allison predicts:
I think the strike still would have gotten started,
but not succeeded.  Denton gave the boys the power to believe in
theirselves.  But more importantly, he showed them how to write a newspaper.

Antranig predicts:
Eh...if you think about it, the newsies might have been able to do it without him.  But he delivered their paper to Teddy Roosevelt, so Crutchy would have been stuck in the Refuge and Snyder wouldn't have been brought to justice.  But he also got Jack in more trouble by putting his picture in the article.  (That's right, it WASN'T Crutchy's fault!)
Dreamer predicts:
Denton was sort of an unofficial mentor for the boys. He was an adult who actually believed in them and their cause. Without him, the newsies might have given up thinking no adult would believe in them.
Karmin predicts:
I dont think I would know the story of David and
Goliath. LOL!

Jaynell predicts:
i think that they would maybe go to hearst to revolt
from denton lol . i dont know just an idea ..
Terra predicts:
Davey would have no one to love!
Kelly S. predicts:
king of new york wouldn't of been in the movie, snyder would have never seen jack on the front page and then the police would not have attacked them at the rally.  so jack wouldve been safe from snyder and the newsies wouldn't have gotten noticed by the sun and they would've lost the strike.. (basically)
Twigit Higgins predicts:
they wouldn't get in the newspaper and they wouldn't
sing king of new york and spot wouldn't get to sing his one line so
brooklyn would feel left out and drop out of the strike completely and
everybody would start to freak out and drop out as well and the newsies would be too shy to go back to selling papes so they would all be split up and never see eachother again
Dodger predicts:
I think it would've been harder for the newsies to
beat Pulitzer.  Denton's the one who wrote the stories in the paper,
taught Jack and Davey how to use the printing press, AND went to governor Roosevelt for his help.  Without Denton, I don't think they'd have gotten very far.  Also, there'd have been no KONY scene!  Then the movie wouldn't have been as great, in my opinion.




your hypothesis