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These are a few little known facts from behind the scenes. If you have some more... feel free to email them to and I'll credit you.

  • Since the boys had to learn to play the games the real newsies played, they did do things like gambling (with play money) and in reality Max Casella was the best gambler there. He started teaching the little kids on the set to gamble (with real money), and the kids wound up losing they're lunch money to Max. Parents actually called Kenny to complain.
  • Because of child labor laws, the boys were only aloud to shoot until midnight.
  • Different ages of boys were aloud to work different hours.
  • Steven Spielberg contacted Kenny asking to "borrow" Luke Edwards for a part in the movie "Hook", Kenny refused because he thought "Luke was too perfect for the part of Les."
  • Santa Fe was shot very late at night, and was pushing the midnight filming curfew.
  • The costume department soaked the Newsies' hats and bandanas in a solution to cool them off (because they filmed in 100 degree weather).
  • The songs in the movie were part pre-recorded and part live.
  • It was Gabriel Damon's idea to have the cane. Kenny recalled that one day Gabe came onto the set and said "I think Spot needs a walking stick" thus the famous gold tipped "Pimp cane" was born.
  • Kenny sadi that Gabe was so perfect for the part of Spot and that Gabe himself "Was the leader of Brooklyn".
  • The Brooklyn scene was filmed on the first day of shooting in Long Beach.
  • Gabe had to learn to shoot a slingshot for the movie and as Kenny said became "quite the sharpshooter."
  • The boys traded marbles on the set.
  • "Seize the Day" was David Moscow's first solo ever and he was petrified to record and film it.
  • The casting director recalls "The second we saw Christian we said 'That's Jack Kelly'"
  • The Newsies (especially Gabe and Christian) actually fought with Kenny about doing they're own stunts (such as Jack dangling down to the refuge window to talk to Crutchy.)
  • Gloria and Emilio Estevan's son made his film debut running up to the refuge window after Snyder leavs (he was the brunette one)
  • Since KONY was originally not in the script and added at the last minute, the boys had to come in for weekend rehersals.
  • The actual shooting of KONY took less than one day.
  • Irving Hall was a combination of an old movie theatre in downtown L.A. and the Universal backlot.
  • It was David and Christian's idea to do the "swing move" in the rally.
  • The court scene was filmed in a historic hotel in downtown L.A.
  • Kenny's dad's name was Tibby and that's why they name the restaurant "Tibby's"
  • We all knew Ele puched the wall before punching Morris, but she actually did hurt herself really bad, and that's why she's seen rubbing her hand through-out the whole scene.
  • Kenny had a Newsies renunion day where he rented a sailboat, took all the Newsies and they're parents out to go sailing and in the middle of coming back the "Skipper" (as Kenny called him) said "Y'know, sometimes if you sing the dolphins will come". So, with that, the Newsies began to sing and sure enough the dolphins came and began to dance.
  • Kenny and Peggy have been trying incredibly hard to get "Newsies" on broadway, but they said the one that needs to persuading is Mike Finnel (the producer) so if you're going to write a petition, write it to him.
  • Kenny wants to have a "Newsies Day" and invite all the fans from all over the country to meet the cast and crew, so if anybody has a way to contact Kenny... remind him about that!!
  • One of the back up dancers (gregg russel) helped Christian Bale learn his solo, gregg is a fabulous dancer, and chrisitan isnt, so it probably helped.- -sent in by Jonalyn
  • -- There was a select few newsie back up dancers that always danced in front and with the leads, who were in every newsie scene -sent in by Jonalyn

Know of any I missed? Drop me an email : I'll credit you.