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Take this quiz to see which newsie you are most like!
Just grab a pen and paper, and write down your answers and at the bottom of the page... click on the letter you got the most of.

How would you describe yourself?
a. the dreamer
b. the brains
c. the gambler
d. the happy one
e. the loyal one
f. the tough one
Among your friends are you...
a. the leader
b. coming up with all the ideas
c. the one everyone listens to
d. the joker
e. the sweet one
f. the one everyone respects (or fears...)
Where do you want to live when you grow up?
a. Anywhere but here.
b. Still with my parents
c. Near the tracks
d. Anywhere as long as I'm with my friends
e. Wherever my friends are living
f. Brooklyn for life
Your worst quality is that you are:
a. bossy
b. a know it all
c. greedy
d. naive
e. an over-reacter
f. too intimidating
In the mornings you tend to:
a. flick shaving cream onto people
b. go to work with your little brother
c.want someone to pass you that towel.
d. be interested in how people slept
e. smell money
f. be intimidating. When am I ever not?
What's your favorite hobby?
a. dreaming about leaving town
b. getting smarter and talking about unions
c. gambling
d. doing backflips
e. being with my friends
f. shooting at people with my trusty slingshot
What do you mostly dream about?
a. leaving town
b. getting smarter
c. winning lots of money
d. dancing in the streets
e. a saturday night with the mayors daughter
f. who I'm going to get to shoot a slingshot at next 
What are you most likely to say?
a. "If we don't sell papes, nobody sells papes!"
b. "Headlines don't sell papes, Newsies sell papes."
c. "He put an egg in his shoe and beat it"
d. "How'd ya sleep Jack?"
e. "They can't do this to me!"
f. "Never fear, Brooklyn is here."
What do you make sure you have with you at all times?
a. my cowboy hat
b. a newspaper
c. my dice
d. my cropped shorts
e. my awesome eyepatch
f. my slingshot
Whats your favorite song in Newsies?
a. Santa Fe
b. Seize the Day
c. King of New York
d. Carrying the Banner
e. High times, Hard times
f. Fightin Irish: Strike Action

Did you mostly get...

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