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Welcome Newsies-Lovers!
I'm Mush's Goil :o)... nice to meet you.


"This is why I love Newsie fans, we're all so nice to each other, it's like having a surrogate family to help you out and support your passion for Suspender-weaing-spit-shaking-pelvic-thrusting News boys!"
-dancer4evr on IMDb 

October 1st
Happy October! Phew... so glad September's over. It was complete torture. Plus I was so busy with school starting and all.... that the site seriously lacked updates. Now that I'm more used to school and figured out how to balance my time, etc... this month will have more updates. Anyways.... I have work today so I won't be able to get much done until 6 (when I get home). I have tomorrow off from school though (yay!) so I will be dedicating tomorrow to updating. The SF screencaps will (finally) be reposted, at least one new page will be added, and I'm thinking of starting to work on a new layout. Plus my mailbox is piling up with interactive forms which will all be posted.
Now for a short NE (newsies experience).... I decided to order Perfect Assassins and Daydream Believers (both with Aaron Lohr) because I couldn't find them anywhere so my only choice was to order them. I got Perfect Assassins on monday and let me tell you.... I was crying like a baby. I was on the phone with my friend and I swear shes probably deaf from listening to me hysterically cry, and scream curses at the TV. I'm still so sad. I swear I have never yelled so much in my life. Go see it. It's not a great movie but  Aaron is delicious :o) lol I'll be adding it to the Other Movies page. I haven't gotten Daydream Believers yet (stupid UPS guys....) but I'll add that as soon as I get it.
That's all for now. Carrying the Banner!
September 25th
Stupid work. I had to go to work alot more than I thought this weekend so I didn't get as much done as I wanted. Not nearly as much. Anyways... there is a new page today that new things will continuly be added to. It's called Animated Paintings. Check it out. Besides that I'm just very busy with work, school, homework, and my school's fall show. So I'll try to make up for the lack of things last week this week. That's all for today! Carrying the Banner!
September 22nd
Sorry for the lack of update yesterday and the lack of icons I promised. They will be up soon though.... as well as the screencaps. Major updating tomorrow. No excuses. I'm gonna make myself work really really hard tomorrow. I promise. Anyways... for today's update congratulations to DANIELLE who won the Luke Edwards caption contest. Her award is posted on the Winners page and her caption is posted on the Contests page under "Old Contests." That's pretty much all for today but there will be ALOT of updates tomorrow. Carrying the Banner!
September 20th
Before today's over I'm planning to make a new category of 6 to 12 Icons. Hopefully I can get that done. Also, theres a new quote on the Quotes that Changed History page.... and, the contest ends today. I will announce the winner with tomorrow's update. As for now, a new contest is posted on the Contests page. Anyways, the Santa Fe screencaps are still down but they'll probably be back up by the weekend. Anyways I have a new page plan in the works and maybe that will be up by the weekend too. Sorry I can't get this stuff up sooner, but besides school I've also started auditioning for a show my school has called "Cabaret Night" (and I found out if I got the lead tomorrow =/ and I'm incredibly nervous)  Anyways, I'm not really home alot anymore. But I promise I will still be bringing you guys updates as much as possible. That's everything for today. Carrying the Banner!
September 19th
Long time no update! Sorry guys. There is one today though. 3 new awards on the Awards page. And a few new results from the Survey. Also... HAPPY 31st BiRTHDAY MARTY BELAFSKY/CRUTCHY. Here's a Crutchy Birthday graphic I made:


Anyways, the Santa Fe screencaps are down temperaraly. They'll be back up soon. That's pretty much it. Carrying the Banner!


September 16th
I figured a late update is better than none at all. I have been so busy lately and haven't gotten much done. All I've had time to do was upload more inteactive forms, etc. Also, I'm having a problem with my disk space and I need to redo the SF screencaps... so they may be down for a few days, probably starting tomorrow. Anyways.... the Six Degrees game is going along very well. So... go be a part if you'd like. Also the contest on the Contests page is ending on Wednesday so get your submissions in before then if you were planning to enter :o) Well, I guess that's pretty much all. I promise there will be more updates once I get used to high school. It's just really stressful and busy right now. Carrying the Banner!
September 14th
I feel terrible! I left you guys 2 days without an update :o( Sorry! But.... there IS one today! (yay!) A new page! Six Degrees. Check it out :o) Anyways... something just happened to me that I have to share. I am now the owner of an autographed picture from GABE DAMON. It came in the mail today! In my email to him I asked for one and in his email back he said he'd send one. AND IT CAME!! I'm sorry... I'm just so happy :o) Anyways, please sign the Petition if you haven't already. It only has 35 signitures. We need alot more! That's pretty much all for today. Carrying the Banner!

September 11th
Very very sorry for the lack of update yesterday. I had work and homework and I didn't even have time to turn on my computer. Anyways... A new movie was added to the Other Movies page, and probably by the end of the day there will be at least 3 new Icons if I finish my homework in time. I don't want to upset anyone by bringing up anything about today, so I'm just going to say god bless the people and the families and friends of people who lost their lives 5 years ago today. That's all. Carrying the Banner!
September 9th
I feel really bad. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get much done but school and work is soo crazy I just haven't had time. But I did add a new Award on the Awards page. Also, a note for Kelly who asked if I would be interested in the Blink picutre. I definitely would be. So, send it on over and I'll remake the award tomorrow. I'm sorry but that's it for today. Carrying the Banner!
Septemeber 8th
CONGRATULATIONS KELLY (a different one than the last contest winner) who won the Christian Bale caption contest! Her award is posted on the Winners page. As for the rest of todays updates, I really only had time to update some more interactive forms. Tomorrow I'll be able to do more, but I am really swamped with homework and stuff so no promises. That's all. Carrying the Banner!
September 7th
So today I was in English and we had to take a quote, put it in our own words and show an example of when the thing discussed in the quote happened. I got the quote "Together many spider webs can tie up a mighty lion" or something weird like that. Anyways.... since it means together many weak people can over throw someone powerful... I wrote my exapmle about none other than the Newsies strike :o) That made me very happy and I had to share. Anyways, for the update there's just a bunch of new interactive forms posted. Also, I'm very sorry but I don't have the contest winner yet. I have 2 entries that are so close, I can't decide so tomorrow the winner will be announced. Sorry :o( Anyways, there will probably be a new page posted today if I can get it done but I'm not sure. Carrying the Banner!
September 6th
I'm officially in high school! Phew, the first day was SO LONG. I miss summer already :o( I cranked up Newsies on my iPod on my way home which made me feel better :o) Anyways.... FINALLY a new page! It's about time, i know. So, here it is: Comics. The idea is from NewsiesFreak but they're made 100% by ME. I'll be adding more gradually. Also, the contest ends TODAY. I will be announcing the winner with tomorrow's update. In the mean time, there is a new contest on the Contests page that you can enter. That's pretty much all for today, cause I have homework. But I'll probably be working on screen caps and making another comic if I have time. Carrying the Banner!
September 5th
Sorry, I didn't get much of anything done yesterday... I was working on my summer assignment alot. Very very sad school starts tomorrow :o( I'm gonna keep this update short cause I still would appreciate some help in the submission box from yesterday's update so, that's pretty much all! Carrying the Banner!
September 4th
Aw. I'm so sad :o( Summer ends after tomorrow. I don't want to go back to school. Whatever, anyways, I'm very seriously thinking about hosting with a better site and getting a new domain, etc. So if anyone has any suggestions for a good hosting site, please enter them here:



what's the site?

how'd you discover the site?

I think the new domain name is gonna be or i haven't decided yet. I might not begin switching sites for a while... but when i start I'll let you know. As for today, I'll probably be doing more screen capping. That's all for today... Carrying the Banner!___________________________________________________________________________

September 2nd
So... there's a new addition to the Hatemail again from that Katie biotch. Whatever, go ahead and look if you please. There's also a new addition to the Other Movies page. Sorry there aren't many updates lately it's just with school coming so soon I've been working really hard on the summer assignment I have to do... so I haven't had much time to be online. But I promise once school starts and I'm done with my assignment there will be better updates :o) Carrying the Banner!
Oh, and P.S.... There's probably not going to be an update tomorrow cause I have to go to work and then I'm going to my friends house to watch Cold Case (don't ask) so I won't be home all day, sorry :o(
September 1st
Happy September! It's weird.... I feel like I was just saying "Happy August" like a week ago. It went too fast. And now.... there's only 5 days till I'm officially a high school freshman (yikes). Anyways, update. Here we go. I now have a Hatemail page. I have to say, as much as getting hatemail sucks, making fun of how stupid the people who send it are is actually quite entertaining :o) lol but anyways, that's there for you to look at if you wish. I also got those 3 new Icons up (Thanks to Allie for the idea for one of them) and if you have requests of things you'd like to see more of on the site, or any ideas for new things... they can now be entered in the box on the  page. Also,  I found something really funny on it really did make me laugh out loud. I'm still laughing actually... click this link: to see it. That's all for now. Carrying the Banner!
August 31th
Okay, so i fixed the awards box so now the requests get processed right away. Sorry that that wasn't working before... but now it is and there are 3 new awards up. Also, I made a new layout for the Message Board so now it looks more like the site.... (and looks 5 million times better than it did before) so, yay. I also added a new page called Puzzles, so that's there. I think I have a new idea for a page that might be up today, but no promises. Also, 3 new icons will be posted by the end of the day, and maybe some more screencaps. I think thats all for now. Oh yeah... and please GO SIGN THE Petition!!!!! It only has 26 signitures and we need so many more than that so please... go sign it! Thanks. Carrying the Banner!
August 30th
Lots of new things today! First off there are 3 new pages and they are... the Conversation Story page, the Other Movies page, and the About the Site page which I encourage you all to take a look at some of the guidelines for the site. Anyways, the High Times, Hard Times Screen-Caps are up (i went screen cap crazy yesterday) and I hope to have the KONY caps up today, but no promises. In other news.... there's a new intro to The Spoof page, which is worth a laugh, a new FAQ's, a new quote on the Quotes that Changed History, and a new award on the Awards page. Oh! While we're talking about awards... yesterday I got 2 emails from my server about 2 awards that were requested about 2 weeks ago that didn't get processed until now. So if that was you who sent in the award idea... I'm sorry it took so long but I will make your award today! Just a reminder the contest on the Contests page ends 9/6 so if you haven't entered yet there's still a chance. That's all! Carrying the Banner!

August 29th
Yay! The layout extravaganza is officially OVER! Thanks so much to everyone who helped. I really can't thank you guys enough. And Allie... you're a genius. Thanks for giving me the idea for the red. It works really well. Anyways, it's back to normal updating. Theres a new quote on the Quotes that Changed History by Allie. Also, thanks to whoever sent in that FAQ asking when the rest of the screencaps will be up, because I have to say.... I actually forgot that some weren't posted yet! So, now the Seize the Day Chorale Screen-Caps are up. I'm hoping to finish the High Times, Hard times ones too by tonight. That's pretty much all for today..... Carrying the Banner!
August 28th
Alright will this whole layout deal is driving me insane. I decided I didn't really like the pink one from yesterday, so here is a sample of the NYC one... which i think is a keeper. I also decided (since i like this one) to not sample another one tomorrow. This is the final one I'll be showing. So, thank you to the people who actually HELPED with the decision giving advice and constructive critisism. It really did help the final desision along. I believe this is the one I'm going to keep. Anyways, I had a really bad day yesterday... my sister went back to college, I had a terrible day at work, and then I come home and get slapped in the face with an email saying "your site sucks". Yeah, thanks for the love there Katie. I appreciate it. Here's a tip for ya... if you think the site sucks... DON'T VISIT IT! It's as easy as that.
Anways, more interactive forms posted today, new Survey forms and a new quote on Quotes that Changed History page by Kelly. But the most important thing about today's update is HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY DOMINIC LUCERO (Bumlets). We miss you and wish you were here. R.I.P. Here's a Bumlets Birthday Graphic I whipped up last night.


Anyway, so this is the last chapter in the layout process (as I said before) and there is one more thing I would appreciate SOOOOO much if you could do for me. Vote in the poll below on which layout you like the best... the original blue one, or this one. Or, enter your thoughts about this new layout in the box below. I really can't thank you guys enough for helping me like this. And also, I can always change the font color back to the blues with this NYC layout, or really any color for that matter, so keep that in mind while voting :o) Thanks everyone and Carrying the Banner!_________________________________________________________

August 27th
Okay, so, here's the deal. Obviously, you can see what today's update is. I changed the layout, but since there was a tie between 3 of the choices, I'm going to have each of them up for one day and then have a poll about which one you guys like best and keep it like that. So, this is the sample of the White and Pink layout I made. The only pages that are fully changed to match this color sceme are the home page, up until the Why I Hate Sarah page. Those are what the pages will look like if this is the layout i decide to use. All the other pages still have the blue fonts, etc. So, just bare with me for a while. Tomorrow there will be a sample of the NYC themed layout. Thanks to everyone who voted. Anyways, I also updated some more interactive forms, a few new Survey forms, etc. Sorry for the lack of new pages, but there will be more new things after this whole "layout extravaganza" is over, but until then, the layouts are what I'll be working on most. Carrying the Banner! Oh, and before I have the poll on the day of the last layout, I would appreciate some feedback on this one. Just to help the decision a little more. So, heres a box for you to say if you like this one or not. Thanks!

August 26th
So, nothing much new today, theres 2 new Survey forms and obviously a new main picture. You like? So anyways, today is my sister's last day before she goes back to college so I'll be spending the day with her an won't have time to do much but I am thinking about changing the layout... but I'm not sure what color sceme I want... so if you would please vote on which color sceme you would like best in the poll below. It would be an icredibly HUGE help. So please please please please vote. Thanks in advance! Carrying the Banner! Oh and a note about the choices below, they are just the ideas for the main colors. There will be other colors added to them to make them more colorful once I have decided which main 2 colors I want to use.

August 25th
No new pages today... i just uploaded some of the interactive forms  including 2 Survey forms. But I have something that I have to share. I went to the movies last to see Step Up (which was really good btw... you should go see it) and I said to my friend "I really really hope they have a preview for The Prestige" (Christian Bale's new movie) and the last trailer before the movie was for "The Prestige"!!! I started clapping the second i saw his face and smiling through the whole thing and then at the end i screamed "I love you Christian Bale!" and someone in the front row started clapping and was like "Yeah! Christian Bale!" and then scattered around the theatre people started clapping for him and i was like "Yes!" and me and my friend started singing Santa Fe and I swear I heard a few people start singing it too. It was pretty awesome. Anyway, thought I'd share a story since there were now updates :o) Carrying the Banner!
August 24th
A bunch of new things today! First off i made a new interactive page called Name Origins.... so go check it out! Also I made a brand new You Know Your Obsessed When.... list made 100% by me, and theres also a box where you can enter your own things. Let's see...... I also made 3 new icons (Thanks Allie for the ideas for the 1st 2!) and now.... the moment is here.... and the winner of the first contest ever is KELLY S.! Her award is posted on the Winners page, and her caption can be seen on the Contests page under "Old Contests". I already have a bunch of really good entries for the new contest.... so go ahead and enter if you haven't yet!
Okay, so that's all with the updates but now I have to share what I saw yesterday.... I was searching for videos of See What I Wanna See (one of my new obsessions) and I found one of clips from it and I was watching one of the clips of Aaron singing his song and he was being amazing and dancing around and singing really well and all that and then ....HE DID THE PELVIC THRUST!!!!! I wasn't expecting it but he did! I had to rewind to see if he really did and he did! I dont know... it made me really happy. He still does it really well. :o) I also saw SLC Punk for the 1st time yesterday and I was laughing so hard.... Michael Goorjian is HILARIOUS. You should definitely see it if you haven't yet. A warning though, it is rated R so if crude language offends you, don't watch it.
Okay, I'm done. Oh yeah, I forgot, even though we all hate her... it is Ele Keats's birthday and after all she was involved with Newsies so I do wish her a happy birthday, but that's all. Carrying the Banner!
August 23rd
Most of what I did yesterday was cleaning up the site... fxing some codes, etc. Like, now when you click the message board it brings you right there. That also happens with the Behind the Scenes pics, and the new About Me that I made. Anyways... I have to go pick up my paycheck then I'm lifeguarding at my friends little brothers pool party so I'll be out all day and don't really have a chance to do much. I will announce the winner of the contest tomorrow (sorry I know I said today but I'm desiding between 2 finalists and I'll have the results by tomorrow.) In the mean time a new contest on the Contests page is up so feel free to enter that one. That's all for now... Carrying the Banner!
August 22nd
I went icon crazy yesterday and made 9 new ones in a new category on the Icons page, so go check it out. I found the idea on Speaking of NewsiesJunkie... congratulations  to Ash who was the viewer 1500! If you see you are viewer 2000, email me and you will get 3 specially made icons and and win an award as well. Ash's award is posted on the Winners page. Speaking of winners... the contest on the Contests page ends TOMORROW so if you want to enter... you gotta do it today cause I'm announcing the winner tomorrow :o) Also..... the Petition only has 12 signitures. That's a problem. We need alot more! So please, go sign it. I think that's it for now. Carrying the Banner!
August 21st
So, I'm back. Yet another 3 icons are posted on the Icons page, a bunch of new interactive forms are up, and 2 new quotes on the Quotes that Changed History page, one by me and one by Allie. I have to help teach a class today and will be out for a few hours but when i come back, I'll be working on a new page and making more icons. I'm really in the mood to make icons (and maybe even backgrounds) so if you have a request or idea for an icon please say it here:




icon idea

Thanks! Carrying the Banner!
August 19th
Sorry for the lack of update yesterday... as I said a few days ago I had to work a 7 hour shift today so... yeah. I wasn't home alot. Anyways.... it's finally here!!! The big page!!! And it is: Sheet Music. Yes, I am now the only website on the entire internet with COMPLETLEY LEGAL FREE NEWSIES SHEET MUSIC. And believe me, this took days. I bought the Newsies piano book and used a program I have to literally rewrite every note, chord, and lyric (which is very hard and tiring) The page isn't completley finished, 4 out of the 8 songs are up, but hey, they're up! So enjoy! Anyways there are 3 new Icons, and a brand new page : Choreography. It has the dance steps to KONY, STD, and STD Chorale. Plus, a bunch of new interactive forms are up, and now on the Survey page there is a nifty little box where you can just submit right on the page instead of having to copy it into an email and as requested on the My Top 10 Favorite Newsies page there is a box where you can enter your own list. Phew.... long update today, but now it's over. Oh, 2 more things. Please sign the Petition, and there will be no update tomorrow because it's my grandmas 75th bday, so.... I won't be home. Anyways, Carrying the Banner and enjoy the big page (you have no idea how happy I am that it's posted :P) !
August 17th
I'm very excited today... one cause i don't have to go to work (yay!)and two because of the new page I put up. The story behind it is I've been talking to people on message boards about a 15th anniversary reunion party for Newsies with the cast, crew and fans from all around the country, and for a while we've been trying to see who would be able to organize it and start a petition. Well, I took the responsibility and made a petition. So please.... go sign it! The more signitures we get... the more likely it is to happen! Just go to the Petition page and click the link on the page itself. Thanks so much.... it would be awesome if we could make this happen. Anyways, I made 3 new Icons and will be making a bunch more today cause I got a new image editing program and am very excited to use it :o) If I can work hard and get alot done today the big page MIGHT be posted today cause like I said yesterday, it's not finished but I think there's enough stuff for it to finally be posted. If the big page doesn't get posted today... expect a new page anyways, cause I have an idea in the works. That's pretty much all! Carrying the Banner!

August 16th
So, no new pages today, but I have a big feeling that the big page will be ready by Saturday. Of course I still will be adding things to the page but I feel it's about time put it up, cause it's mostly done. It was SUPPOSED to be DEFINITELY ready by FRIDAY but then SOMEONE at work needed coverage because they are lazy and didn't feel like working so now I have to work a 7 HOUR SHIFT on Friday when I wasn't supposed to work AT ALL. *sigh* Sorry about that, but I had to get that out. Anyways, 2 new Awards are up (you guys sure do keep me busy with the awards... thanks!) and a new quote on the Quotes that Changed History page, and other forms, etc. That's all for now. Carrying the Banner!
August 15th
I felt creative yesterday so i made a new quiz (which is my personal favorite quiz to take :P) its the Blood Drips Quiz . So, go ahead and take it if you please. Anyways more Awards as usual. Plus congrats to Hannah who was the 1000 viewer yesterday! Her award is posted on the new Winners page, as will all the other awards that will be won by others through out time. If you see that you are viewer 1500 email me and you will get an award and 3 specially made icons. Other than that news theres not much else. Just uploading stuff on the interacting pages as always. Also, if you have any fan fiction or fan art please send it my way. Credit will be given of course. That's pretty much it. Carrying the Banner!
August 14th
When I got home last night I went directly to my computer and added all of the thing that were sent to me. There are about 4 new awards on the Awards page, some new Commandments, new FAQ's, new things on the What Would You Say? page, a new thought on the Dedication page, and some other stuff I just can't think of. So that's mostly what I did yesterday. Posted the stuff on the interacting pages. Today is my day off so I plan to do some serious updating and working alot on the big page. I decided to extend the contest on the Contests page to 8/23, so you have more time if you want to enter it. I added a counter about 2 weeks ago (its on the very bottem of this page) and if you notice you are viewer 1000 email me and you will get an award and 3 specially made icons. Just email me if you see it's you! That's all. Carrying the Banner!
August 13th
Ok so, it's still the 12th but I'm going to my friends house tonight (Mrs. Gabe Damon) and then going straight form there to work and straight from work to a BBQ at my bosses house and i won't be home till late and I feel bad leaving you guys without an update so here it is. Yet another award is up on the Awards page... and I got a request for more fan fiction... so I will try to write some of that and if you guys could help me out and send in any that you have written that would be great. And as always, the contest closes in 3 days, and please sign the Guestbook. That's it! Carrying the Banner!

August 12th
So I counted. 13 strange looks from people as I walked through Central Park singing Carrying the Banner. Then 8 strange looks as i did the STD Chorale dance. I carryed the banner the whole day. Anyways, as far as updating goes, i really didn't get a chance to do much yesterday but I did make a new award on the Awards page. Today I will be working alot on the big page (it might not seem huge to you when it comes but you have no idea how long it's taken me). So.... the contest on the Contests page runs till 8/16, please sign the Guestbook and the  is open. That's all for now. Carrying the Banner!
August 11th
Well, technically it is still August 10th, but I need to do this update now cause I have to catch an early train tomorrow. 3 new awards were added to the Awards page, and our list of Commandments is really coming along (if you have one be sure to add it in the box). The new page I added is called Quotes that Changed History, (Thanks Antranig for letting coming up with the idea!). It's a good interactive page, you can add your own things and the ones that are there are pretty funny! Check out the page, you'll get what I'm talking about :o) Still working on the big page, as always. A Reminder: The contest on the Contests page runs till 8/16. That's pretty much all. Carrying the Banner!
August 10th
A long update today! Yesterday I forgot to say that there is a new Fan Songs posted that was sent to me. Thanks Antranig! It's called "Ode to a Newsie" and it's really good. In other news.... I made a new page called Newsies Now so that's there for you. Also, there's a new award on the Awards page (remember you can nominate someone now... theres a box there for you and everything). I updated the Newsies - All about it! page as well... I added a long quote I found by Marty Belafsky about the movie.... which is pretty funny. (there's also another quote by him on the Newsies Now page). Uhm what else... I'm thinking of adding fan art to the site... so if you have any and want to send it my way... I will make the page. I'm going to be making a new page today, so look out for that. But mostly, I will be working on the big page. Looks like that will be up sometime next week (Sorry i know i said this week, but it's not possible). I'll be working on it alot today because tomorrow I am going to NYC for the day(and I won't miss my train this time). And I promise I will dance and sing (and get weird looks, but who cares?) and visit our dear old Horace Greeley statue.
See? Very long update. And now it's done. Just 2 closing notes : The contest on the Contests page runs until 8/16 and please sign the Guestbook. That's all! Carrying the Banner!
August 9th
Yay! A real update today! Sorry I've been slacking lately, but I've been so busy with work, etc. but i promise. No more slacking. Anyway, I added a new page : Contests. This week's contest is a caption contest, and it closes on 8/16, so good luck! I also added a new thing to the Awards page (not an award... that's coming today) but i added a box where you can submit an award you think a newsie should get and I'll make it. Also, there's a new bullet on the Why I Hate Sarah page that i found by Dice. I thought it was funny. Lastly, HAPPY 36th BIRTHDAY ROBERT FEENEY(Snoddy).


That's all. Carrying the Banner!
August 8th
I'm possibly the happiest person in the world right now.... and heres why. GABE DAMON EMAILED ME!!!!!!! It's still surreal... but he did. And he was so nice! That email practically made my year. He's also sending me an autographed picture... which makes me super super happy. I just wanted to share. Anyway, that's one of the reasons there are no updates today. The other reasons are cause i had to work late yesterday so I wasn't home all day (and the time i was home i spent freaking out jumping up and down and yelling "gabe damon emailed me!"). So, i'm sorry :o(. But the big page is on the way! I promise! Carrying the Banner!
August 7th
I added 3 new icons last night (and yes the little kid in the newsie hat who looks like Christian Bale really IS him at age like 8) but that's pretty much the only update for today. I'm hoping the big page will be up sometime this week, but no promises. Anyways, as always, please sign the Guestbook. I will be eternally grateful :o). Well, that's about all. Carrying the Banner!
August 6th
So I'm a little angry because one we missed the train yesterday so I didn't get to go into the city :o( and two... one of the pages I was planning is now impossible to have because just one file takes up a quarter of my disk space, so all the work I did yesterday on it just went down the drain. Well, anyway, on to brighter things : The big page I'm planning is going alot smoother than I expected. I figured out how I'm going to post everything, now I just have to finish the work itself :o). So that will hopefullly be done by next week. No new pages today but the  is open. That's all for now... Carrying the Banner!
August 5th
I added a new Trey Parker video to the Videos page (thanks Laces for sending it to me!) and will be adding some more. I'm probably taking the train into NYC today (I'll be sure to sing in the streets and dance around the Horace Greeley statue for all of you lol) So anyway if I am going into the city I'll probably be there all day and not get alot of updating done. I might still have time to add a few things I've been working on, though. We'll see. That's all. Carrying the Banner!

August 4th
So I added a new video to the videos page. This one's of Michael Gorgeous Goorjian. There's going to be alot more of videos of Mike coming, so look out for those. While I was searching for videos, etc. yesterday I found an hour long radio interview with Mike! If I can, I will try to post it on here so you can hear "Skittery all grown up" :o) 
I didn't get a chance to finish the page i wanted to finish... but that will probably be up tomorrow. I spent the majority of my time yesterday working on the big thing thats coming. Anyway, requests are always appreciated... so if you have any drop me an email. As always, please sign the Guestbook. Thanks! Carrying the Banner!
And Mrs. Christian Bale is here and she says hi :o)
August 3rd
Not alot of updates today, but there are some. 3 new blood drips icons are up, and expect a bunch more to be coming. If you want to request an icon, just drop me an email and i'll be sure to make it for you. Also, I'll be making a new page today, so look out for that. As always please sign the Guestbook if you have a chance. Ooooh and I almost forgot... something big will be coming this week. Something that's going to take me a long, long, long, long time but I'm sure you'll like it. Well that's all. Carrying the Banner!
August 2nd
Yay! Finally the new thing I've been working on for 2 days is up. The Personality Quiz . All the graphics are right the links are finally working and everything is fixed. Finally. Today I'll be working on another quiz and a bunch more icons, but everything might not be up today. I promise it will al be up tomorrow at the lastest. Please sign the Guestbook while your here... and the  is open. So, enjoy. Carrying the Banner!
August 1st
Happy August! Yesterday I added 2 new videos to the Videos page (both of them are of Aaron Lohr) so those are there. I also worked on something yesterday that i hope will be finished today... i don't want to post about it until I'm completely sure it's done. So just look out for something new today. As always, please sign the Guestbook if you get a chance, and the  is up if you want to use that. That's all for now! Carrying the Banner!
July 31st
Ok so a very good update today. Since yesterday I got a request for more Blood Drips things i took my digital camera and took 73 pictures of the whole movie. Then I uploaded the pics onto my computer, resized them, uploaded them onto imageshack, resaved the imageshack pics, scanned them for viruses, uploaded them onto the site and posted them. Yes it took hours, but it's finished. You can see the pictures on the Blood Drips Screen Caps page. That pretty much took up all day yesterday so that's all I did. You can expect one new page today. And once more, please sign the Guestbook if you have the time. Thanks! Carrying the Banner!


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